M & J Auto ID Corporation is a diverse company which offers business and service solutions in ID system and barcoding innovation. The company benefits from the following:

Highly qualified and experienced staff, who have been in the industry for over decade.

High profile partners that have proven record of excellence.

Quality products that are sold directly from the country's main distributor and manufacturer.


1. Designing bar code based solutions
2. Education and training
3. Maintenance services
4. Technical Support
5. Supplier of bar code film masters
6. Bar Code Printing Service Bureau
7. Software Development (limited to products distributed)
8. Systems Integration (limited to products distributed)
9. ID Card Printing Service Bureau

Mission Statement :

Success through excellence to be achieved by concentrating resources and efforts on quality.

Our philosophy from the outset has been to employ a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals who will help achieve our objectives. We believe that continuous, relentless and never ending commitment toward improvement will ultimately lead to growth and profitability.


Business based on knowledge

Be regarded as a valued business partner

Value for money

Deliver quality product

Deliver prompt and excellent workmanship

Key Strength:

Knowledge and expertise in new technology

Ability to provide an excellent service through quality staff

Competitive advantage by continous commitment to excellence

We endeavour to acquire expertise on new technology through training and enterprise.

We endeavour to acquire expertise on new.


M & J Auto ID Corporation was established on December 18, 1997, The reliable people are the one who make the wheels of this firm go round. We are the engineers, computer wizards and men who prescribe the ills of this firm and bring order out of chaos.

Almost all products in the market today are using barcode. M & J  Auto ID Corporation take up the beat of the trend, purchased the latest model of Zebra Barcode Printer that will print high quality barcode label. The first few months of it’s operation, the company was able to print half a million. This in effect somehow fulfills its vision to become “ The Leader in ID Card and Barcode Solution”.

The firm rise to its full height by expanding other field of services like making PVC quality ID cards with the use of Datacard Printer. It also engages in direct selling of the following product like Barcode Scanner, Barcode Printer, ID Card Printer and Data Collector , Surveillance System , Time and Attendance System, and Access Control System. We also provide service maintenance of all the latter mention units.

M & J Auto ID Corporation aims to provide better quality service to all their valued clients. The firms inspiration is to see their clients fully satisfied with its services. This is the firm fuel to keep their spirit high to work much harder.

Though M & J Auto ID Corporation is still in the infancy stage, it has established a healthy business link with companies as far as Mindanao and the whole province of the Visayas region.

The company believes that it can assure all their clients of an excellent service beyond the level of their expectation.

Contact Number: (6332) 254 7977 Fax: (6332) 254 9881

                            (6332) 255 9771 Fax: (6332) 254 9881