Directory Services

1. Bold:
Name / Company Name will be "BOLD" listed. Bold listed information will be limited to the following: first name, surname and telephone numbers. Maximum telephone numbers will only be Two (2) either landline and fax number or landline and cell phone number.
Launching price: P200/year


2. Name Tag:
A drop down data will appear once the mouse will be place over the Names / Company Names of those listings who avail this directory service. These drop down information only consist of 3 lines with 120 characters per line or 360 characters maximum including spaces. Names/Company Names will also appear boldly in the search engine listings. Please see sample website the 1 height maximum (no image/s and no website link).

Launching price: P220/quarter


3. Calling Card Tag:
Calling Card Tag is bigger in terms of space and data content. This can accommodate up to 600 characters, five (5) lines with 120 characters per line including spaces with (1) image (picture or logo) included. The Image size is 100x100 pixels. Plus URL link to personal/company website. Names/Company Names will still appear boldly in the listings

Launching price: P380/quarter


To view the samples, visit then search for Michael Torneros then click search. Once you mouse over the name on the list, it will show the picture, his work address, telephone numbers and a link to his website either personal website or under cebudirect. Request for making a personal website will be charge accordingly or avail the next directory service we offer.

or your own picture. (good for real estate agents , doctors, artist and etc.)

4. One Page Link:
Names/Company Names will have a one page website within our web space with URL address (sample only),
Launching price: P1,400/quarter

Anyone who availed this service will have a one page website linked to the Name/Company name listed in the search engine of Contact Information will still be viewed in the directory listing and it will also have the drop down information which can also have a direct link towards their website (if any).


Clicking on the name will open the page

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice